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Our drivers are ADR and GDP-certified as well as being aviation and security trained which is a key consideration for our pharmaceutical clients.

At Noone Transport, pharmaceutical transportation is a key component of our business and we have long-established relationships with industry customers and freight forwarders for many years.

We employ compliance specialists to ensure all our trucks are up to date with the latest international standards for the transportation of all pharmaceutical goods.

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Temperature Control for Pharmaceuticals

Thermo King’s TracKing Advanced is an innovative, easy to use GPRS/GPS system which gives us visibility of any perishable goods being transported via our desktops. Having real time temperature, location and alarms information on our fridge units increases our operational efficiency and reduces incidences of cargo loss. TracKing also allows us to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery to our customers.

The TracKing Advanced device provides Noone Transport with direct connection to all the Thermo King controllers and dataloggers on our equipment and allows us to access critical information on the asset and on the load. The system also provides our operations managers visibility and traceability through the cold chain with dashboards and extensive set of reports.

We have been working with Noone Transport for the past 10 years and confidently recommend them to any organisation.

Their dedication, knowledge and excellent fleet allows them to offer a committed and quality service.

Bernie Heenan
XPOLogistics | General Manager

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